CIS-255: Client Side Web Application Development

Web App Topics

Please pick a topic you are interested in and post your choice on the Discussion Board in Canvas. No two students will have the same topic. You can choose from the list or pick your own. The only rule is that the topic be something you definitely need to know but usually is not taught in school.

These constructive suggestions appear in the YouTube video below.

  1. How to get a job (Brandon Riddle 9/3)
  2. How to pay taxes ()
  3. How to vote (Morgan Simmons 9/7)
  4. How to look after your health (Terry Chen 8/29, specifically healthy food to eat for breakfast on a low budget)
  5. Current events ()
  6. Laws (Danny Whitmore 9/10; Cecilia Hentkowski, digital evidence 9/2)
  7. Financial advice (Kyle Willour 8/28)
  8. Human rights (Tyler Schneider 8/30)
  9. How to trade stocks (Ricardo Moreira 9/1)
  10. How money works (Gavin Maliskey 9/5)
  11. How to budget money (Joshua Mercier 9/2; Bailey Steele 8/29)
  12. How much does it costs to raise a child? ()
  13. What is an affidavit? ()
  14. Basic first aid (Dylan Walter 8/29)
  15. How to recognize the most deadly mental disorders (Frederich Schulz 9/7)
  16. Which major diseases have preventable causes? ()
  17. How to buy a house with a mortgage ()
  18. Practical medicines ()
  19. Facts on domestic abuse ()
  20. How to help a depressed friend ()
  21. How to have a child, when you want one (as opposed to how to prevent having a child)()
  22. How to master a second language (Douglas Hillman 8/28)
  23. How our political system works (esp. w.r.t. changing laws)()
  24. Political policies (esp. w.r.t. what policies to vote for)()

These are my own additional suggestions.

  1. How to stop worrying (Clyde Anderson 9/4; Corban Seal 8/29; Jordan Roberts 8/28)
  2. How to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest (scientifically proven most effective ways to be happier) (Logan Strickland 8/28; Anusha Madarapu 8/28)
  3. How to attract a mate (Brady Falor 8/29; Joshua Schmidt 8/28)
  4. How to be a better person (Alexander Beasecker 9/3; Scotty Jordan 9/5)
  5. How to build life around a vision (Taylor Keit 9/7)
  6. How to 'let go' and forgive ()
  7. How to negotiate a good deal on a used car (David Fegan 8/29; Griffin Bovee 8/28)
  8. What is renters' insurance? (Daniel Keiffer 8/30; Matthew Hozeska 8/29)
  9. How to improve your credit rating (Drake Herman 9/6)
  10. How to negotiate a settlement on credit card debt ()
  11. What to do if you are arrested ()
  12. How to protect your digital privacy (How does our personal data get bought and sold?) (Brandon Richardson 8/30)
  13. How to configure your mobile phone to automatically upload pictures and videos to the cloud, for free ()
  14. Student loans (Kolton Kovac 8/29)
  15. Most common scams and ripoffs (Joseph Klawinski 8/28; David Lubonski 8/29)
  16. How to make sure a construction contractor does not leave you hanging ()
  17. How to minimize your cable TV/Internet bill ()
  18. How to minimize your mobile phone bill (managing usage data)()
  19. How to recognize addiction (Joshua Blaylock 9/5; Lucas Easter 8/28)
  20. Scientifically proven most effective ways to lose weight (Breanna Howey 8/28)
  21. Who controls news media and other information channels?()
  22. Easy do-it-yourself (DIY) car repairs (Joshua Bacon 8/30)
  23. Easy do-it-yourself (DIY) home repairs (Travis Lange 8/28)
  24. How to get a good night's sleep (Hawra Alzurayqi 8/28; Tyrell Wheeler 8/29)
  25. How to fold a fitted bed sheet ()
  26. How to find your "calling" in life (Dylan Rozboril 9/7; Gage Siler 8/28)
  27. What you need in an extended power outage emergency (Jacob Bowman 8/28)
  28. How does the Do Not Call List work? ()
  29. How to build better relationships with family and friends (Zachary Barkey 8/29)
  30. How give a speech ()
  31. How to run for local elected office (eg, School Board, Mayor, etc) ()
  32. What are my rights if I am stopped by a cop? In my car? On the street? (Tajbid Hasib 9/6; Kaiden Moore 8/28)
  33. What are ten interesting (legal) ways to use duct tape? (Adam Kott 8/29; Joshua Groeschen 8/28)
  34. How dangerous are recreational drugs? (Sarah Bailey 8/29)
  35. How much money will I get from Social Security if I make $100,000/year from age 25 to age 65? ()
  36. How do passports work? ()

These are student-conceived suggestions.

  1. How to make pictures look more professional (Collin Krygier)
  2. How to commit to a workout regime (Collin Krygier)
  3. "How to handle grief following a loved one's passing (Kristina Mullen)